If I Were Hung Upside Down

The shadows of trees
on the grass could be clouds
if I were hung upside down.
The sky’d be my ground
and I’d look up to see
a million on million
iterations of me.

Walking on a sunrise
would be awfully surreal
like stomping around a Van Gogh.
And the trees all like brushes
forever painting my floor
with Autumn’s fire gold
or a Springtime’s decor.

The ocean’s amazing, the tides
reaching down, and gliding
around with the moon.
The waves feel as deep
as the sky I’d hang from
and they’re colored a much deeper blue.

The sun warms my feet
and a breeze stokes the coals
of my soul all adrift with the storms.
And out in space I could drown
with the greatest of ease
after seeing the world upside down.